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The Years of History behind ProSource Glass International

No history of Prosource Glass would be complete without tracing the roots of the family glass business. It actually started as early as the 1930’s when Joseph Tankel operated a large auto parts business just outside of Boston in Medford Massachusetts.

By the late 1940’s Joe’s son Alan was involved in the parts business. He worked in all aspects of the family operation eventually working in the glass division which was in a separate building adjacent to the sprawling property. By the early 1950’s Alan started his own full service glass business utilizing a lot of his talents while still located next door to the family business. Initially the company was called Medford Glass , eventually evolving into name change when the family had their first child. By 1954, the company was known as Lo-Can Glass- named for Lois (Alan’s wife and Candi, their first born). Lo-Can Glass was a full service glass company in its earlier years. The company handled automobile glass primarily but branched into flat glass, both residential and commercial. The automobile glass portion grew along with dealership work . Referral and word of mouth lead to repeat business which proved to be highly successful. By the 1970’s Lo-Can Glass branched out into the automotive alarm business. The company had an extensive fleet of commercial customers that included the major television stations, telephone company trucks as well as several major freight companies.

Alan’s entrepreneurship highlighted the family business during the mid to late 1970’s which would eventually change it forever. The family business which now included sons Peter and Richard helped build a classic car glass locating service. Installation was eventually phased out and replaced by buying and selling all types of antique, classic and special interest glass as the classic car industry grew and the demand for finding many glass parts had become greater than supply. Lo- Can Glass was the first company to deal solely in the classic glass business by shipping the product throughout North America as early as the mid 1970’s. Thru hundreds of buyouts over the next 2 decades the company expanded its inventory to close to 20,000 parts, moved into a larger building the next town over, added a full time and part time office staff and eventually rented additional space for inventory purchases that were too good to pass up. The name changed to Lo-Can Glass International in the 1980’s to reflect our expanded global business.

We began importing glass by the 1990’s and actually had many glass parts manufactured for foreign cars for glass that had become unavailable in the US and Canada.

Over the years the family which included Lois and Candi developed many long term relationships with a customer base that included dealers, clubs, automotive and glass shops. Many of our clientele would inquire about not only availability of parts but advice where to get other parts or if we can suggest installation procedures. The personal relationship which we never took for granted has always been a mainstay of our customer service approach.

In 2002 Lo-Can Glass International was sold to TCGI (Trans Canada Glass International), one of the leading wholesale, retail and glass repair companies in North America. Eventually Pilkington would purchase TCGI’s US wholesale operation. ProSource was started by Richard in 2004. After a few years of “starting all over” ProSource is poised for growth based on its roots of customer service . Growth will come from expanding its glass product range and by offering glass to be manufactured that is not available in the marketplace. Efficiency in shipping methods, providing timely information to our customers is and will always be key to our success. We look forward to building on our family reputation in the glass industry as we approach our seventh decade .